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WELCOME BACK TO THE 2011-2012 School Year!!!!

I am so very excited to get this school year started! I have been back in my classroom about a week now and today was the  first day that I got the pleasure of welcoming technology back into my classroom (ohhhhh how I missed it these last few months). Might as well start with a funny story to kick this years blogging extravaganza off right, so here it goes!

I had one job this morning before our first Leadership Team meeting. This task was to simply set up the projector and document cam. No sweat, right???? Right! (That’s what they all say). I spent 20 minutes fighting with an abundance of cords which apparently come in all sizes and colors (who woulda thought?) Anyhow, these cords were not cooperating, the blue one wouldn’t work then the black one, the screen was blinking blue and telling me to switch to computer, then computer would tell me to switch the projector back. Long story short, just as soon as I was about to give up….. (bet you are on the edge of your seat wondering what happened next…)

Dadadadaaaaaa…… (cue dramatic music) The power button, yes, I said it, the power button. I had forgot to turn the document camera on. Such a minor technicality. So, this my friends. This is how my first day back with technology went. Eh, you win some you lose some, today will be chalked up as a loss and I will try again tomorrow.

I do suggest checking back, tomorrows goal is trying to figure out just why the iPad cart isn’t charging, hmmmm…. maybe the outlet? Let’s hope! Today I conquered the router, tomorrow, the world!!! (I PROMISE more interesting blogging in the future, lessons, apps, helpful site suggestions and much more, just waiting for the kiddos to get here!)

PS. I plan on coming back with my teacher brain in from here on out, today I do believe , it was still on summer vacation!

IPad Learning

Hello All!

Welcome to my first blog…. EVER! I am very excited to get started! I have been using mobile technology in my classroom since about November. I am currently a 5th grade teacher, and will be teaching 5th grade again next year. Since November, my students have gone from using the IPad as a mini computer, to me creating whole units wrapped around multiple apps, which they have taken and ran with. Teaching with this technology has completely changed my mindset on not only how to teach, but what to teach. It has pushed me to think “outside” the box.

Here are a few of my favorite Apps:

Sonic Pics





Pearl Diver

Motion Math

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Blogging!

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